The current fifty dollar bill features President Ulysses S. Grant. His portrait has been on the obverse side of the fifty dollar bill since 1913.

1996 50 Dollar Bill

Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States. Born in 1822, Grant was a war hero prior to becoming a politician. As commanding general, he led the Union Army to victory in the Civil War. Grant served as president from 1869-1877. During his presidency he stabilized the post civil war economy and he created the Department of Justice.

Early Fifty Dollar Bills

Ulysses S. Grant was not the only person ever featured on a fifty dollar bill. Before Grant appeared on the 1913 series $50 dollar gold certificate, other historical figures were featured on these bills.

Some of the early series feature the following historical figures: Alexander Hamilton, politician Henry Clay, Benjamin Franklin, politician John Sherman, politician Silas Wright, Secretary of State Edward Everett, and Secretary of State William Seward.



A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

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