The current one hundred dollar bill features Benjamin Franklin. His portrait has been on the obverse side of the one-hundred dollar bill since 1914.

2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States. Born in 1706, Franklin was a man of many trades. He was an inventor, writer, political philosopher, and politician among other titles. He was one of the most influential Americans of all time and his values helped shape America to become the nation that it is today.

Early One Hundred Dollar Bills

Benjamin Franklin was not the only person ever featured on a one hundred dollar bill. Prior to Franklin's appearance on the 1914 series $100 bills, other historical figures were featured on these bills.

Some of the early series feature the following historical figures: President George Washington, General Winfield Scott, President Abraham Lincoln, financier John J. Knox, President James Madison, Admiral David Farragut, and Senator Thomas Hart Benson.



A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

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