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Silver Recyclers is a company that owns and operates, one of the most popular precious metal calculator websites. Several different people have contributed to help create and maintain this website. For a large and technical website like this, we needed a backend developer, front-end developers, and web designers. Creating and redesigning this website was very time consuming and labor intensive, but it was all worth it in the end.

On this page you can learn more about our website and some of our core beliefs.

Who Is This Site For?

The site is intended to benefit anyone who wants to know the true value of their precious metals. Currently we have calculators for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. To use the calculators all you need to do is input the weight and purity of your metal and then the calculators handle the rest.

It also doesn't matter which currency you use. We offer the world's top 36 currencies, so you can get the total price in your native currency. To get a currency other than the US dollar, all you need to do is select your currency of choice from the currency drop-down menu. We are proud to serve visitors from all over the world.

In addition, we are proud to be the calculators of choice for many coin shops. If our calculators are good enough for the professionals then they are good enough for anyone. Some of these businesses visit our website multiple times per day.

Finally we believe that Silver Recyclers can be a great help to those with lower-income. Around the holidays is when it can get tough to buy gifts for friends and family. With the help of the calculators, you can get an accurate price for your scrap metal. The proceeds from that metal can really make a big difference in someone's life.

Our Position on Precious Metals

We are precious metal investors just like you probably are.

Our belief is that precious metals are a great investment, and for that reason we hold physical gold and silver. We even use our own calculators to help with investing and to keep track of the total value of our collection. There are many reasons to invest in gold and silver, but mainly our belief is that these metals are currently undervalued and they are a great store of value.

ETFs are now popular and some people prefer the security of ETFs over owning the actual metal. With regard to ETFs, we believe that they are inferior to owning your own physical gold and silver.

Silver is our metal of choice and it makes up the bulk of our portfolio. Silver has plenty of different uses and it has been used as money for thousands of years.

Overall we love precious metals as much as anyone, and that makes operating this website very enjoyable.

Note: We do not currently own any platinum, palladium, rhodium, or any other precious metal.

The 2018 Website Redesign

In late April 2018, we launched the new design for Silver Recyclers. We call this new version Silver Reyclers 2.0, and it's a completely different look from the original. Many regular users were surprised and confused to see this new design, as many of them loved the retro look of the original. Instead of a black background and bold colors, we changed to a white background with less contrast.

The changes were not only aesthetic- we also added some new features. These features were mainly related to the currency converter. International visitors can now see their local currency symbol next to the prices. This eliminates a lot of confusion.

The initial roll-out of the new design was not very smooth. But we listened to user feedback and then made several design changes that would improve the site. In order to see the most recent changes you would need to clear your browser cache.

So why the change?

Overall we wanted a modern, responsive design that would look good well into the future. The original design was first created in 2007 and it looked dated. In addition, the original design was non-responsive for tablet and mobile devices. This means that it had the same dimensions for every screensize- desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. So if you loaded the old version on a tablet or phone, you would have needed to zoom in and scroll over to see your calculations.

Silver Recyclers 2.0 solves the responsiveness issue. The site is now mobile-friendly so you can get a great display on tablet and mobile devices. You no longer need to zoom in.

The original design is not coming back, and it's our hope that the new version will surpass the original in terms of user-experience.

Future Plans

Ideally we want to add a few more calculators and possibly add a couple more features to the calculators. We firmly believe that we have the best calculator website on the internet. However we want to be more than just a calculator website. We want to be a complete resource for precious metals.

Here is the current scenario: A visitor comes to our website and gets the value of their silver item. But then they leave our site to search for where to sell it. We want to keep that visitor on our site for the entire selling process. So it's our goal to create a directory of local coin shops, for all 50 states. In addition, we plan to add several informational articles, including advice on how and where to sell precious metal.

Here is a realistic future scenario: A visitor would first go to a calculator page to get the value of their silver item. Afterwards they can go to the blog section of the site and read the article on how to sell silver. Then they would go to our directory of local coin shops to find a shop near them. That type of visitor experience would be ideal for us. The new visitor would have all the information they need right on our website. Our website would be a complete resource.

So thanks for visiting our website, and make sure to come back to our website in the future to see new updates.