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Silver Bullion Values
@ 17.09 [USD] per troy .oz (.999)
1gram.999 Silver Bullion =0.55
5grams.999 Silver Bullion =2.75
.25troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =4.27
10grams.999 Silver Bullion =5.49
.5troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =8.54
5troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =85.45
10troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =170.90
25troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =427.25
50troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =854.50
100troy .oz.999 Silver Bullion =1,709.00
Sterling Silver Values
@ 17.09 [USD] per troy .oz (.999)
1gram.925 Sterling Silver =0.51
5grams.925 Sterling Silver =2.54
20grams.925 Sterling Silver =10.16
1.oz.925 Sterling Silver =14.41
1troy .oz.925 Sterling Silver =15.81
5troy .oz.925 Sterling Silver =79.04
10troy .oz.925 Sterling Silver =158.08
1troy .lb.925 Sterling Silver =189.70 Sterling Silver =230.53
1kilo.925 Sterling Silver =508.25

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