Flying Eagle Pennies, also known as Flying Eagle cents, were minted from 1856-1858. They were the first small cents to be minted. These coins are collectible and thus they have numismatic value.

1858 Flying Eagle Penny

Flying Eagle Penny Reverse


Type: Flying Eagle Penny
Year: 1856-1858
Face Value: $0.01
Composition: 88% copper, 12% nickel
Total Weight: 4.67 grams


Flying Eagle pennies were minted out of Philadelphia. There is no mint mark on any of the coins.

Proof coins were minted during the years 1856-1857 and these coins will sell for a lot more money.


James B. Longacre designed these coins. He also designed the Indian Head pennies.

The design on the obverse side of the coin features a bald eagle in flight. This design is based on the eagle shown on the Gobrecht dollar. The reverse side of the coin features a laurel wreath that contains corn, wheat, cotton, and tobacco.


Flying Eagle pennies are old coins that have a collector's market. Even in heavily circulated condition there is a market for these coins. Pennies in the better condition grades will sell for more money. Uncirculated coins and proof coins will sell for higher prices.

Ultimately, the value of a Flying Eagle penny will depend on its series and its condition. See the list below to learn the value for any individual penny.



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