Mercury dimes were minted from 1916-1945. These coins have value as both numismatic coins and silver bullion. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

1942 Dime

Mercury Dime Reverse


Type: Mercury Dime
Year: 1916-1945
Face Value: $0.10
Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper
Silver Weight: .07234 oz
Total Weight: 2.5 grams
Current Silver Bullion Value: $2.23


Different series are available. Mercury dimes were minted out of three different locations- Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Dimes with no mint mark were minted out of Philadelphia. Dimes with the D mint mark were minted out of Denver. Lastly dimes with the S mint mark were minted out of San Francisco. The mint mark, when present, can be found on the reverse side of the coin.

Proof coins with no mint mark were minted during the years 1936-1942 and these coins will sell for more money.


Adolph A. Weinman designed these coins. His initials AM can be found to the right of Liberty's neck.

The design on the obverse side of the coin features a portrait of Lady Liberty. The wings on her cap represent freedom of thought. The reverse side of the coin features a fasces and a large olive branch. The fasces symbolizes war and justice. The olive branch symbolizes peace.


Any Mercury dime is worth at least its weight in silver. The silver melt value for each coin is $2.23. This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $30.79 per ounce.

Most Mercury dimes in circulated condition will sell for a premium above their melt value. Proof coins will sell for higher prices.

Ultimately, the value of a Mercury dime will depend on its series and its condition. See the list below to learn the value for any individual coin.



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