Coin wrappers are a great item to have on hand. They come in handy whether you want to store your silver bullion coins, or roll your loose change to bring to the bank. They can be easy to find in stores if you know where to look. But the easiest way to buy them is on online. We will go over all the different buying options below.

What to Look for in a Brand

Coin Wrappers

The best wrappers come pre-formed. This means that the wrappers already have the tube-shape and one end is crimped so you would only need to close one end. This saves you time and effort.

In addition, you want durability- that's an important factor. The labeling should be clear, that way you know exactly which wrapper is for which coin. Ideally they should also be color coded so orange are quarters, green are dimes, blue are nickels, and red are pennies. Big font is important too because you want to be able to identify your coin rolls from a distance.

Many packages will include penny wrappers. You might not have as much use for them but you can still put them to good use. Those loose pennies lying around your home can be rolled and deposited at the bank. You can also use the penny wrappers to store copper pennies.

Benefits of Using Coin Wrappers

Coin wrappers are great for coin collectors because they will allow you to organize your silver inventory. You don't want to a have a bunch of loose silver quarters, dimes, and nickels. It also makes it much easier if you want to sell your silver.

Wrappers are a preferred method of storage because it's easy to roll coins by hand. You don't need a coin sorting machine. Although if you do have a coin machine than you would still need the wrappers for the coins to filter into.

Note: If you buy old silver coins from a retailer like Apmex then sometimes they come wrapped up for you. The rolls will be really tight and secure.

Top Places to Shop

You have a few different options for where to shop. Check out the options below.

Dollar Stores

I have been lucky to find some coin wrappers at my local dollar store- Dollar Tree. The pack I bought was 36 wrappers for one dollar, which is a great deal at around $.03 per wrapper. But you aren't going to find coin wrappers at every dollar store because it's not a popular item that many people search for. So you will have much greater success searching in the larger dollar stores. A smaller dollar store may not carry them, but you can always call the store to ask.

Big Retail Stores

Usually you can find them at a large retail store like Walmart or Target. But it's going to depend on the store and not every store will have them. Normally the larger stores will have them available and in-stock. The prices will be more expensive than the dollar stores, but comparable to what you can find online.


While it can be tough to find coin wrappers locally, they are easy to find and order online. Amazon has a few different options, all of which provide fast shipping.

Here is an example of generic coin wrappers for sale on Amazon. The cost comes out to a little over $.05 per wrapper. In this pack you get 250 wrappers, which include 100 quarters, 50 dimes, 50 nickels, and 50 pennies. This is a good mix because if you are collecting silver bullion, then you might not have as big of a need for the penny wrappers. The paper tubes are also pre-formed which is a great feature.

These sturdy wrappers are made in the USA and they come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are looking to buy online then this is a great package to get.

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If you are looking for half-dollar rolls then here is a good option. They aren't pre-formed but they still get the job done. You can't find half-dollar rolls at retail stores so you need to get them online or at coin shops.


Coin wrappers are great to have on hand and they also make good gifts for coin collectors. If you can find them at your local dollar store then that's your best option. If not then you can easily buy them online. Remember that the half-dollar rolls will only found online or at coins shops.