The 1963 2 dollar bill features a red seal which is a different look then the standard green seal federal reserve notes and the blue seal silver certificates. But this isn't the first red seal two dollar note to be issued. You can also find a red seal on the 1928 two dollar note and the 1953 two dollar note.

1963 is the last year that the red seal was featured on a two dollar note. It's also the final year that Jefferson's Monticello residence was featured on United States paper currency.

There were two different series issued for this note: 1963 and 1963A. Both series are common so there is no difference in value for any grade.

1963 2 Dollar Bill

1963 2 Dollar Bill Back


Denomination: $2.00 USD
Series: 1963 legal tender
Seal Varieties: One: Red
Series Varieties: Two: 1963, 1963A


These bills are common so they aren't very valuable. In lightly circulated condition they sell for roughly $7. In uncirculated condition the price is higher at around $20. 1963 star notes will sell at a slightly higher price.

Star Notes

1963 2 Dollar Bill Star Note

Star notes exist for this series but they are still relatively common. For this reason they aren't much more expensive then the standard notes.

What are star notes? They are notes with a star at the beginning of the serial number. Star notes are more rare than standard notes and they are sold for a small premium above the standard issues.

History of the Two Dollar Bill

The two dollar bill has a long and interesting history. The first bill with Alexander Hamilton on the front was issued back in 1862 as a legal tender note. In 1886 the first two dollar silver certificates were issued and these silver certificates continued to be issued until 1899.

During these early years every note was a "large size" note which are significantly bigger than the "small size" notes that are currently in circulation. Small notes started in 1928 with the red seal legal tender notes. The bills were redesigned in 1796 with the 1976 two dollar federal reserve note. Contrary to what people may think, the bill wasn't redesigned because of the United States Bicentennial.

It's rare to see two dollar bills in circulation today, but they are still out there. You don't see them often because they aren't popular and some businesses won't accept them. However the government has continued to print them out in relatively small numbers over the years.


These notes are old but the prices aren't very high. But your red seal 1963 two dollar bill is still a part of United States history and it will be worth more than its face value. In uncirculated condition the price will be well above face value.