The 1928 two dollar bill is an old bill but most series are not valuable because many were printed. This is the first year that a two dollar bill was printed as a "small bill". It's the same size bill that's in circulation today. Prior to 1928 all notes were larger in size.

One interesting aspect about this bill is that it has a red seal. The only other red seal two dollar bills are the 1953 two dollar bill and the 1963 two dollar bill. The red seal indicates that the bill is a legal tender note and not a silver certificate. The government printed out legal tender notes in order to raise more money.

1928 2 Dollar Bill

1928 2 Dollar Bill Back


Denomination: $2.00 USD
Series: 1928 legal tender
Seal Varieties: One: Red
Series Varieties: Eight


There are eight different varieties which include 1928, 1928A, 1928B, 1928C, 1928D, 1928E, 1928F, and 1928G. Each variety is common in circulated condition. In lightly circulated condition they are valued at around $6 a piece. There is more demand for these bills in uncirculated condition where the value is around $30 a piece. Star notes can be worth much more. Keep reading below to learn about star notes.

Star Notes

1976 2 Dollar Bill Star Note

Any bill with a star symbol before the serial number is called a star note. This star symbol can make your 1928 bill significantly more valuable. The 1928B and 1928E star notes are especially rare and they command high prices. The 1928D and 1928G star notes are the most common and thus the least valuable. Check out the chart below to learn about the value for each star note variety in lightly circulated condition.

Star Issue Value
1928 $100
1928A $300
1928B $2000
1928C $200
1928D $50
1928E $1000
1928F $100
1928G $50

It's difficult to find 1928 2 dollar bill star notes in uncirculated condition. Therefore it's almost impossible to determine a set price for each series. Just know that the price will be significantly higher if your star note is in uncirculated condition.


The common series 1928 two dollar bills aren't going to be worth much money. But if you have a star note then it could be quite valuable, even in circulated condition. Those valuable bills should be placed inside plastic currency holders.