The 1953 series was the last issue of the five dollar silver certificates. It's relatively common and there is nothing special about the design. These bills were printed in three different years, so there were three different varieties: 1953, 1953A, and 1953B. Each variety is equally as common. In addition there are star notes for each variety and only the 1953B star note is rare. Read below to learn more information about these bills and what the current values are.

1953 Five Dollar Silver Certificate


Denomination: $5.00 U.S. Dollar
Series: 1953
Type: Silver Certificate
Portrait: Abraham Lincoln

How Much Is Your Bill Worth?

These bills just aren't as old as some of the other five dollar silver certificates. In uncirculated condition they sell for at least $20. In lightly circulated condition they sell for only around $10. This is about the same price range as the earlier 1934 five dollar silver certificates.

If your bill is a star note then it will be worth a little more money. Star notes are simply notes with a star before the serial number. If you have a 1953B star note then it can be quite valuable. Keep reading to learn more about star notes.

Star Notes

1953 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Star Note

Each different variety has a star note version. The common versions such as the 1953 and 1953A star notes only go for roughly $15 in lightly circulated condition. The value is around double for notes in uncirculated condition.

The only rare star note is the 1953B five dollar star note. Over three million of these bills were printed, but somehow fewer than 400,000 went into circulation. In lightly circulated condition they sell for over $1,000. Uncirculated notes rarely come up for sale so there really isn't much data to determine a price. But you could expect them to sell for thousands of dollars.


These notes are relatively old, but they just aren't very valuable because the design is plain and many of them were printed. But if you're lucky enough to have a 1953B star note, then your note could be worth a lot of money.