The regular 1934 five dollar silver certificates are common and they aren't worth much money. But they are still nice bills to collect and are easy to sell if that's your intent.

In this series there were five different varieties but the value is the same for each of them. The varieties are the following: 1934, 1934A, 1934B, 1934C, and 1934D.The difference between these varieties is the signature combination.

In addition, there are star notes and North Africa notes which are more valuable. In this article you will learn all about the different notes and their values.

1934 Five Dollar Silver Certificate


Denomination: $5.00 U.S. Dollar
Series: 1934
Type: Silver Certificate
Portrait: Abraham Lincoln

How Much Is Your Bill Worth?

The standard 1934 five dollar silver certificate bills aren't rare, so the value isn't high. Notes in uncirculated condition go for only $20. In lightly circulated condition the price is around $10. These bills are priced around the same as the 1953 five dollar silver certificates.

Star notes and North Africa notes are more valuable. Keep reading below to learn about these notes and their values.

Star Notes

1934 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Star Note

If you have a bill that has a star before the serial number then it's known as a 'star note'. These bills are more valuable then the standard 1934 notes. The exact value will depend on the variety, because the 1934 star notes have five varieties. See the table below for the values:

Issue Variety Uncirculated Circulated
1934 $300 $30
1934A $125 $20
1934B $500 $50
1934C $100 $25
1934D $100 $20

1934A North Africa Notes

1934A Five Dollar North Africa Silver Certificate

These notes were made for the United States armed forces stationed in North Africa during WWII, hence the name. At the time, each soldier was paid with cash and the government was worried that the Germans could take over the money supply. In response, the United States Government issued the 1934A North Africa notes and paid them out to their soldiers. These unique notes have a yellow seal, so if the Germans did steal the money then every yellow seal note would be disregarded.

The North Africa notes in uncirculated condition sell for hundreds of dollars. But in lightly circulated condition they only go for around $55 a piece.

There are also 1934A North Africa star notes, which are worth more money. In uncirculated condition the price could reach up to $1000. In lightly circulated condition they sell for around $200.


The value of a 1934 silver certificate will depend on the specific type. The regular notes are common and thus not expensive. But if you have a star note or a North Africa note then your bill could be quite valuable depending on its condition.