The 2019 silver eagles have value as both numismatic coins and as silver bullion. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

2019 Silver Eagle


Type: American Silver Eagle
Year: 2019
Face Value: $1.00
Composition: 99.9% silver
Total Weight: 1 troy oz.
Current Silver Bullion Value: $18.10

The US minted the 2019 silver eagle with no mint mark and also the 2019 W burnished silver eagle, 2019 W proof silver eagle, and 2019 S proof silver eagle. The mint mark, when present, can be found on the reverse side of the coin.

The burnished silver eagles have a unique look to them. Burnished coins have a matte-like finish and they appear less shiny.

Proof coins are essentially coins that have more detail. They are minted on special planchets and it takes longer to produce them. Each proof coin originally comes in a US Mint issued velvet box and a certificate of authorization (COA).


This coin, regardless of condition, is worth at least its weight in silver. The current spot price of silver is $18.10 per ounce as of January 25, 2020. Therefore $18.10 is the current melt value of this coin.

The 2019 silver eagle with no mint mark is worth around $24 in uncirculated condition.

The 2019 W burnished silver eagle is worth around $50 in uncirculated condition.

The 2019 W proof silver eagle and the 2019 S proof silver eagle are each worth around $65.



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