The standard 2009 Roosevelt dimes are made of a clad composition that contains copper and nickel. Clad proof dimes and silver proof dimes were also minted and they sell for more money. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

2009 Dime

The US minted the 2009 P dime, 2009 D dime, 2009 S proof dime, and 2009 S silver proof dime.

Proof coins are essentially coins that have more detail. They are minted on special planchets and it takes longer to produce them. They are specifically made for collectors so you won't find any in your spare change.

Note: The mint mark can be found on the obverse side of each coin.

Series Location Quantity Minted
2009 P Philadelphia 96,500,000
2009 D Denver 49,500,000
2009 S Proof San Francisco 1,482,502
2009 S Silver Proof San Francisco 697,365

Clad Dimes

The standard 2009 clad dimes in circulated condition are only worth their face value of $0.10. These coins only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition.

Both the 2009 P dime and 2009 D dime are each worth around $2 in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade.

The 2009 S proof dime is worth around $2.50 in PR 65 condition.

Silver Proof Dime

This coin is worth at least its weight in silver. The silver melt value for this coin is $1.75 as of June 08, 2023. This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $24.25 per ounce.

The 2009 S silver proof dime is worth around $6 in PR 65 condition.

Grading System

MS 65 gem uncirculated- There is strong luster and eye appeal. A few light contact marks may be present but they are barely noticeable.

PR 65 proof- There are no flaws to this coin. A few blemishes may be present.



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