A silver wine label is a small label that is pierced or engraved with the name of a particular wine. They were attached to hanging chains that fit around the neck of the wine bottle. Many of them have exquisite silver craftsmanship. Over the last century these items have become popular with collectors.

Silver Wine Label
An early 19th century silver wine label

Silver wine labels became popular during the reign of George III (r. 1760-1820). There were many types of wines and thus many different varieties of labels. These labels have made it easy to study the different types of wines that were available in England during past time periods.

The earliest wine labels were made of silver. Some of the later models were made of Sheffield plate or silver plate.


Antique silver wine labels are rare and they can sell for hundreds of dollars. Sets will be more valuable. Most antique silver plated pieces will sell for less than $100.



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