A mustard pot is a container used to serve mustard at a dinner table. These items are not as common today, but in the past mustard pots were a standard part of any table arrangement. The earliest examples have become collectible.

Silver Mustard Pot
A Victorian era sterling silver mustard pot

Early examples of English silver mustard pots were made around the time of George I (r. 1714-1727). Mustard was used in England much earlier but there is no evidence of silver mustard pots prior to this time. Examples from the early 18th century are very rare. Examples from the latter part of the 18th century are rare but obtainable.

Early silver mustard pots had either a cylindrical body with a flat lid, or an oval body with a dome-shaped lid. The sides of the container were usually pierced and the body was fitted with blue glass liners. One of the best looking examples was made in 1724 by silversmith Paul Lamerie. This example is shaped like a barrel and it has a domed lid with a scroll handle.

The earliest mustard pots were made of silver. Some of the later models were made of Sheffield plate, silver plate, or glass.


Antique silver mustard pots are rare and they can sell for hundreds of dollars. Some early pieces can sell for over $1,000. Most antique silver plated pieces will sell for less than $100.



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