Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a diamond is authentic or not. But with a quality diamond tester, you can accurately tell whether a diamond is real or fake within seconds. Diamonds testers give much more accurate results than any at-home method.

What Are Diamond Testers?

Diamond testers are small portable devices that test the authenticity of diamonds. Designed with a small rectangular body, these devices usually have a small needle on top and a display or beeping sound built into them so you can get the results.

How Do They Function?

Testing a Diamond

Diamond testers use a needle on the top of the device to help detect whether a diamond is real. This needle works with thermal connectivity to give an accurate result. To use a diamond tester, you simply place the needle softly on the top of the diamond and let it sit for a few seconds. The thermal connectivity levels will be calculated and if it's positive, the tester will alert you. Usually you can watch the thermal levels fluctuate with the built-in meter on the side, although this depends on the model you're using.

If the device determines that the diamond is real, then it will either show a positive symbol on its display or emit a sound to confirm the results. The entire process can be done within seconds so you don't need to sit around and wait for the results.

Helpful Features in Diamond Testers

Many diamond testers contain metal detectors in them which will alert you if you happen to slide the needle off of the diamond. This is a great feature because it will ensure that the needle doesn't record any activity on the metal surrounding the gem. Some diamond testers also have LED screens. This high-tech option will not necessarily beep like other models, but rather emit a steady green or red light to confirm the diamond's authenticity.

Magnifiers are an advanced feature that some models have. A magnifier will allow you to view the surface of the diamond and examine it more closely if necessary in order to check for blemishes or other irregularities.

Also note that most of these models will run on batteries. This is good if you use it away from home because you don't need to worry about finding an outlet. You can pull it out of your pocket and use it instantly. However you'll need to keep some batteries on hand so you can replace the old ones when necessary.

How Reliable Are Diamond Testers?

Diamond testers are actually one of the most reliable ways to tell whether or not a diamond is real. In fact, most jewelers will use one of these devices to test diamonds before they buy or sell them.

Certain models could give inaccurate results, which is why it's important to use a good brand. Sometimes a diamond tester can mistake moissanite (a gem similar to diamonds but made up of silicon carbide) for a diamond. We recommend that you find a diamond tester that tests not only thermal connectivity, but electrical conductivity as well. This is because diamonds and moissanite have different electrical charges and this feature can help distinguish them easier.

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Diamond testers help to determine whether or not diamonds are real in a quick and easy way. By using them you can test diamonds for authenticity before you buy or sell. These devices are also easy to use, thus making them useful for both beginners and professionals.