950 platinum is a type of platinum that is common with jewelry items such as chains, rings, and earrings. Below we'll provide more detail about this platinum type and how much it can be worth.

What Is 950 Platinum?

950 platinum is real platinum with a high purity. The number 950 refers to its level of purity, and it means that your item is 95% platinum and 5% alloy. This number system is an easy way to tell an item's purity. Another example is 900 platinum which is equal to 90% platinum.

The alloy used with platinum is typically either copper, rhodium, titanium, palladium, cobalt, or iridium.

950 Platinum Chain
A 950 platinum chain

How to Find Markings

Markings are easy to spot for any type of platinum piece. You should clearly see "Platinum", "Plat", or "PT" engraved on the piece followed by the number 950. On jewelry the number may be small and concealed, but it should still be visible.

950 Platinum Marking

The Value of Your 950 platinum

In order to get the melt value of your 950 platinum piece, you'll need to multiply the total ounces of platinum by the spot price of platinum. We make this easy for you with our platinum calculator. All you need to do is load up the calculator, select 950 from the purity dropdown box, enter the weight of your item, and then click the 'calculate' button.

It's always good to know the value of your platinum item. If you were ever going to sell your item then you have a base price.


Platinum items come in a few different types of purities. Below we will review two similar alternatives to 950 platinum.

900 Platinum

900 Platinum is similar to 950 platinum. The only difference is that 900 platinum has 5.26% more alloy, so therefore it's less pure and a little more durable. It's also more affordable.

850 Platinum

850 platinum has 10.53% more alloy content. Therefore it's less pure, a little more durable, and more affordable.