Otherwise known as 18k gold, 750 gold is a popular type of gold with a relatively high purity. Keep reading to learn more about this type of gold and how to find its markings and value.

What Is 750 Gold?

Gold jewelry does not feature a set amount of gold. The gold content varies from item to item. To indicate the percentage of gold in a piece of jewelry, jewelers use a combination of numbers and letters. 750 is one such combination and yes, it's real gold. If a piece of jewelry is described as "750 gold", then it's made of 75% gold. The remaining 25% of the piece is made up of additional metals and materials.

750 gold and 18-karat gold are the same. Both equal 75% gold content.

750 Gold Chain
A 750 gold chain

How to Find Markings

Gold markings are often hidden from view. This is done to avoid ruining the appearance of any given piece of jewelry. A ring's gold markings can be found in its interior circle. A chain or bracelet usually has its gold markings etched into its clasps. Markings can be found on the posts of a pair of earrings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find markings, especially if they are really small. For this reason you may need to use a magnifying glass. Some pieces of jewelry don't have markings. This is common for pieces that were resized.

Note: You should look out for alternative markings. An item labeled "G.P" is gold-plated. Similarly, jewelry labeled "G.F" is gold filled, which essentially means that it has a thicker layer of gold-plating.

In some cases markings are followed by the name of a country. For example, "750 Italy". This indicates the gold item's country of origin.

750 Gold Stamp

The Value of Your 750 Gold

There's a lot of factors that go into pricing jewelry such as the craftsmanship, condition, etc. But the most important factor is how much gold content the jewelry has. To find the gold scrap value, you need to multiply the gold content percentage by the weight of your item. Luckily, we have a gold calculator that does all the work for you.

Advantages of 750 Gold

750 gold has some key advantages which make it one of the most popular types of gold. It has a relatively high purity and it's much more durable then the higher karat varieties. So it will look nice and it won't easily dent.

In addition, this type of gold is better for those who are allergic to lower purity gold jewelry items. Lower purity types of gold such as 417 gold contain more alloys which can potentially irritate people with certain skin conditions.

Disadvantages of 750 Gold

750 gold contains 25% alloy so although this makes it more durable, it won't have quite the look or shine that the higher karat varieties have.

Where to Buy 750 Gold

This is a popular type of gold so you can buy it virtually anywhere that sells gold jewelry. Big department stores like Macy's will have 750 gold items on hand. Independent jewelers will also have a selection.

It's important to note that stores and jewelers will try to sell you jewelry at a high markup. Some of the best deals can be found online. For example, there is a good selection of 750 gold jewelry on Amazon.


Gold items come in all different types of purities. Below we will review three alternatives to 750 gold.

24K Gold

24K gold is 99.9% pure so it has a beautiful and shiny appearance. It doesn't contain alloys so it's softer and thus easier to dent. It will also be more expensive due to the higher gold content.

16K Gold

16K gold is a popular type of gold and it's quite similar to 18k (750 gold). 16K gold is about 9% less pure.

10K Gold

Otherwise known as 417 gold, this is a durable and low-cost gold that can be bought in many different stores. It won't have nearly the shine that the higher karat alternatives have.