The $100,000 gold certificate was a real bill that was printed but never issued to the public. So why did the US government even print them? The government printed them so that banks could conduct large transactions with other banks. This was well before the days of computers and electronic payments.

The one-hundred thousand dollar bill is not a collectible because it's simply impossible to collect it. The largest-denomination collectible bill is the ten-thousand dollar bill.

100000 Dollar Bill

This bill is fascinating to look at. It's hard to believe that it was actually printed because it looks like a type of monopoly money rather than official government currency.


Denomination: $100,000 USD
Type: Gold Certificate
Signature Combinations: One: Julian and Morgenthauu
Series: One: 1934

There were 42,000 bills printed. The Treasury Department has preserved several of them, and occasionally they can be seen on display.

Who Is on the 100,000 Dollar Bill?

President Woodrow Wilson is featured on the 100,000 dollar bill. Wilson was the 28th president of the United States and in 1913 he signed the Federal Reserve Act which created the Federal Reserve System. With the signing of this bill, the Federal Reserve was able to print its own money in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. Wilson was also known for leading America into WWI.


Since this bill was never issued to the public, you're not going to find one in existence. So if you do find a 100,000 dollar bill then it will undoubtedly be a fake or a reproduction.



A Guide Book of United States Paper Money