The 1814 Classic Head large cents have value as numismatic coins. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

1814 Large Cent


Type: Classic Head Large Cent
Year: 1814
Face Value: $0.01
Composition: Copper
Total Weight: 10.89 grams

There is no mint mark on this coin. Each coin was minted in Philadelphia.

Two different varieties exist for this coin. There is the variety with the plain 4, and the variety with crosslet 4. See the image below for reference.

1814 Large Cent Plain 4 vs Crosslet 4

Series Location Quantity Minted
1814 Philadelphia 357,830


The 1814 large cent with the plain 4 and the 1814 large cent with the crosslet 4 have similar values. Each coin is worth around $65 in about good condition. In good condition the value is around $110. In very fine condition the value is around $950. Coins in extremely fine condition can sell for around $2,000.

Grading System

About good- The details on the coin can be identified.

Good- The date, legends, and stars are worn but plain.

Very fine- Liberty's hair lines show some detail. The leaves on the reverse side of the coin show slight wear.

Extremely fine- Liberty's hair lines are sharp. There is very slight wear on the high points of the design.



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