Two dollar silver certificates are nice collector's items and they are an important part of United States history. They were only issued in the late 1800s and today they are rare. The last two dollar series was issued in 1899. Other denominations, such as the one dollar silver certificate, continued to be issued for many more years. Below we will provide more information on these certificates and we'll also provide the current value of each different series.


Each two dollar silver certificate is a large bill- about 40% larger than the United States bills currently in circulation. This is because two dollar silver certificates are older notes. During this time period every silver certificate bill was the larger size.

1886 Series

1886 Two Dollar Silver Certificate

1886 was the first year that the United States issued silver certificates. Plenty of these silver certificates were issued so this series is relatively common and therefore not as valuable as some of the other series. This bill is nicknamed the Handcock because the man on the front of the bill is named General Winfield Scott Hancock.

There are three different seal types (large brown, small red, and large red) but the seal type doesn't affect the value in any way. The value for these bills is based on condition, specifically the physical shape and centering. In uncirculated condition they can sell for over $3,000. In good condition they sell for around $800.

1891 Series

1891 Two Dollar Silver Certificate

Some collectors aren't particulary interested in this bill because the design is somewhat plain. But the 1891 series is an old bill that can be quite valuable in uncirculated condition. This bill is nicknamed the Wingdom, because the man on the front of the bill is named William Windom.

There are virtually no rare varieties because the low serial numbers are somewhat common. Therefore the value will depend on condition. In perfect uncirculated condition the price can reach as high as $10,000, but with a few imperfections the price can drop to around $5000. In good condition the price is around $1000.

1896 Series

1896 Two Dollar Silver Certificate

Silver certificates issued in 1896 are known as 'educational notes'. This is because the front portraits depict learning. This particular bill is referred to as the 'two dollar ed' among collectors.

Millions of these bills were printed but today they are still somewhat rare. Condition is the primary factor when valuing one of these bills. For condition there are two factors that come into play: the physical condition and also the centering. The margins are large so ideally you want a bill with perfectly square margins. In uncirculated condition the price can reach $1500. In good condition the price is around $900.

1899 Series

1899 Two Dollar Silver Certificate

This is the last two dollar silver certificate series ever made. The 1899 series was printed for awhile- some were even printed in the 1920s. This makes them less rare than some of the other series. However they can still be valuable depending upon their condition.

This bill is nicknamed the 'mini-porthole'. There is a small picture of George Washington on the front, and the large frame around the picture makes it look as if he's in a ship looking out of a porthole. This is the only two dollar silver certificate series that features George Washington.

There are a few rare varieties for this series and they will be more valuable. These rare varieties include low serial numbers and star notes. Regular 1899 series notes will have their value derived from their condition. In uncirculated condition, the price is around $1400. In good condition they can sell for around $600.


Each certificate series is unique and makes for a nice collector's item. If you collect old currency then you should definitely consider adding some of these bills to your collection. These bills are expensive in good condition, but the designs are beautiful and unique.