Many people like to show off their style when traveling, especially with their jewelry. However, packing jewelry for travel can be somewhat difficult. What pieces should you bring with you? How can you pack them safely inside your bag? There are many important factors to consider which can make this a rather daunting task. Below you'll find some helpful tips and strategies for packing your precious jewelry for an upcoming trip.

Tips for Packing

At first, it might not seem like packing jewelry would be difficult, but it can be. Some pieces need to be protected while others might need to be placed in a unique position so that they are secure. But by using a few effective strategies you can work to make this task less of a challenge.

Put Rings and Necklaces in a Drawstring Pouch

Drawstring Pouch

Drawstring jewelry pouches allow you to secure your rings and small necklaces with the pull of the drawstrings at the top. This method can help you save time and money, as well as space in your luggage.

If you have the space then it's best to use separate pouches for each piece of jewelry. This is to ensure that your jewelry doesn't rub against each other.

Use Cardboard to Secure Your Earrings

A trick you can use to help keep your earrings in one place is to secure them to a piece of cardboard. You can cut out a small piece of cardboard at about 1-2 inches in length and width. These cardboard pieces can be larger depending on the size of your earrings. Once you have the cutouts, poke a hole into the cardboard with the tips of the earrings. This will help them stay in place so they don't tangle or get lost.

To help prevent the ends of the earrings from becoming dull or poking you, you can place a wine cork on the back of them.

Use a Rolled Washcloth for Bracelets

For bracelets, you'll find countless amounts of different jewelry holders you can use. However, these holders can sometimes be expensive and they don't always work well. So instead, you can use a rolled-up washcloth to secure your bracelets. Simply roll the washcloth up so it has a tubular shape and then slide your bracelets on it. Not only will your bracelets be secure, but they will be easier to manage.

Important Factors to Consider

Besides making sure the jewelry fits nicely in your bag, there are a few other important factors to consider before leaving on your trip.

The Price of Your Valuables

One important factor to consider is the total price of all your jewelry. Ideally, it's best to leave expensive pieces behind in case your luggage or bag gets lost or stolen.

Limit the Amount You Bring

While it might be tempting to take all of your best jewelry with you, sometimes it's a good idea to brainstorm about the pieces you really need. Too much jewelry can take up valuable space in your luggage and of course you wouldn't want to lose any of your jewelry items. You should carefully consider the events or places you'll be attending and bring about 2-4 pieces that would be appropriate.

Make a List of What to Bring

One of the best ways to help ensure that your jewelry is safe and accounted for is to make a list. You can fill out a small index card of the pieces you'll be bringing so you can do a quick check before you leave your hotel.

Use a Safe

It's a good idea to use a safe if you're planning to stay in a hotel. This can help to keep your jewelry in one spot and prevent possible thieves from taking it while you're out of your room.

If there's no safe in the hotel then you can hide your jewelry in the room. Just make sure to remember where you hid it.


Packing jewelry for travel doesn't have to be hard. By keeping our recommendations in mind you can help ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible. Not only can you keep your jewelry in pristine shape when traveling, but you can also prevent your jewelry from being lost or stolen.