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Gold Bullion Values
@ 1,347.90 [USD] per troy .oz (.999)
1gram.999+ Gold Bullion =43.34
2.5grams.999+ Gold Bullion =108.34
.10troy .oz.999+ Gold Bullion =134.79
5grams.999+ Gold Bullion =216.68
.25troy .oz.999+ Gold Bullion =336.98
10grams.999+ Gold Bullion =433.36
.5troy .oz.999+ Gold Bullion =673.95
20grams.999+ Gold Bullion =866.72
50grams.999+ Gold Bullion =2,166.80
100grams.999+ Gold Bullion =4,333.60
Karat Gold Values
@ 1,347.90 [USD] per troy .oz (.999)
1gram10 Karat =18.07
1.dwt10 Karat =28.10
5grams10 Karat =90.36
20grams10 Karat =361.42
1troy oz.10 Karat =562.07

1gram14 Karat =25.26
1.dwt14 Karat =39.29
5grams14 Karat =126.32
20grams14 Karat =505.30
1troy .oz14 Karat =785.83

1gram18 Karat =32.50
1.dwt18 Karat =50.55
5grams18 Karat =162.51
20grams18 Karat =650.04
1troy .oz18 Karat =1,010.92

1gram22 Karat =39.74
1.dwt22 Karat =61.80
5grams22 Karat =198.70
20grams22 Karat =794.78
1troy .oz22 Karat =1,236.02

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